Earlier this evening, Magic Kingdom guests tweeted about their Splash Mountain boat sinking, with pictures to prove it! Here is what we know.

Splash Mountain Boat Sinks

Splash Mountain has been in the news a lot these past few weeks. With the announcement of the future re-theming, random closure to drain the attraction, and now this, Magic Kingdom‘s famous water ride cannot catch a break.

On the evening of August 2, 2020, several guests tweeted pictures and videos of a fully submerged Splash Mountain log. According to their tweets, the boat started sinking during the finale of the ride. All the guests on board were quickly able to disembark before the boat completely sunk. However, some of them say the cast members were not happy about the guests leaving the boat without permission. Here are some of those tweets.

As far as we know, all guests and cast members involved are safe. We also do not know what caused the sinking at this time. Although, some of the tweets suggest a theory that the ride was somehow “powered off” and that this is related to the sinking. Again, this is just a suggestion made by some of the guests, but we do not know for sure.