In 2008, a devastating fire broke out at Universal Studios, causing massive destruction. However, the executives of the studio announced their plan to rebuild the site and called it "The Phoenix Project". This project aimed to bring the studio back to life and restore its glory. In this article, we will discuss all the essential details about "The Phoenix Project" at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The 2008 Backlot Fire:

While the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot has survived destructive fires eight times, the 2008 fire was the most devastating. The fire demolished several movie sets, one attraction, and the duplicate video library. The fire was so big that multiple fire departments were called to put it out.

”The Phoenix Project”

Only a few days after the tragic fire, Universal executives announced they would rebuild the majority of what was lost in the fire. They would rebuild all of the movie sets and re-duplicate the lost film and music. However, they would not rebuild KONGfrontation, the attraction that was ruined. Many fans were so upset about this, but their sadness quickly turned to excitement when Universal announced they would build a much better King Kong attraction, based on the new 2005 film by Peter Jackson.

The Results:

The Phoenix Project was an overall success. The new movie sets were built to perfection, just like they were before. Since they have been used in many productions like music videos and television shows, it is safe to assume that Universal has succeeded. But, what about the new King Kong attraction?

KING KONG: 360 3-D

In 2010, The Studio Tour at Universal Studios added a new attraction called "KING KONG: 360 3-D." This attraction is unlike anything seen before in any theme park. The tram is surrounded by a 360-degree screen that immerses all guests in the experience. In collaboration with the film director, creatives worked to create an authentic and thrilling experience for guests. During the tour, guests witness a fight between King Kong and a T-Rex while wearing 3-D glasses. The experience is so realistic that guests may feel grateful for the protective glasses when they get splashed with water. At one point, one of the tram cars is held "captive" to add to the excitement.