If you ever wonder if Universal keeps a close eye on Disney… we think this news will help to answer that age-old question.

Back in March 2019, Universal filed a patent application for what we believe to be an innovative take on the traditional gondola system. On April 9th, 2020, the patent was published by the USPTO, giving the public full access.

Pub. App. No.: 20200110408
URL: https://t.co/lt0jxrJ5Qd
PDF: https://t.co/1AW20iOLvL pic.twitter.com/2mIUeGnej2

In the abstract description of the patent, it reads:

An amusement park system in accordance with present embodiments includes multiple separated park areas, an autonomous vehicle configured to drive along ground surfaces within the multiple separated park areas, and a gondola system configured to transport the autonomous vehicle between the multiple separated park areas. The amusement park system further includes a control system configured to operate the autonomous vehicle to engage with and disengage from the gondola system to facilitate transport of the autonomous vehicle by the gondola system.

Keep in mind, that this is not an official announcement. As we have seen throughout the years, theme parks have become patent happy. But, we can dream. After all, the upcoming Universal’s Epic Universe is located 15 minutes away from Universal’s Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios and Volcano Bay. A new mode of transportation would help speed travel between gates while limiting traffic congestion throughout the resorts caused by Universal’s bus system.