Who doesn’t love a good thrill ride? Well, Universal has some of the best! Here are the Universal Studios Hollywood Rides, ranked.

10. Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash

This ride doesn’t technically open until March 27, which is why it is only number ten on this list. For now, we can’t confidently rate it without having experienced it yet. However, we can assume that the brand-new ride will be pretty cool and innovative. We will have to revisit this ranking after the ride opens. Sometimes Universal Studios Hollywood has allowed some guests to enjoy a sneak peek of a ride that hasn’t been opened yet; we got to ride #9 on this list before the official opening. Although,  not this time and we haven’t seen any spoilers about it online at this point. So for now, we can only put The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash as number ten on this list. You will be able to find this attraction in the upper lot.

9. Kung Fu Panda Adventure

Kung Fu Panda Adventure recently replaced the Shrek 4-D attraction in the DreamWorks Theatre. For those who are disappointed over the loss of Shrek, don’t fret! One of the coolest parts about the ride is the nods to the old attraction in the queue. For example, Pinocchio from the Shrek films is working the front desk…well, not really. He fell asleep. Regardless he is still a fun sight! Once inside the pre-show area, fairytale music from the Shrek films plays and the Magic Mirror comes to life. Several DreamWorks characters appear and argue about whose show this is, and Kung Fu Panda wins out. Following this, guests enter the theatre and take a seat, then the interactive and moving show begins. You can find it in the upper lot.

8. Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem is a heartwarming ride for all ages. It is a computer-animated simulator ride similar to Kung Fu Panda Adventure. The main difference is that each party of guests sits in a ride vehicle instead of a theatre chair. Guests start out in the pre-show area where they are debriefed on how to be minions. Along the way, they receive “Minion Goggles” (3D glasses) and learn that today is the anniversary of when Gru adopted Margo, Edith, and Agnus. The girls made a present for him that Agnus eventually puts herself in serious danger multiple times throughout the ride, to protect it. Guests are turned into minions and sent through training, but things go wrong. We barely escape the dangers of Gru’s house and laboratory before being accidentally turned back into humans. In the end, Gru gets his anniversary gift and everyone makes it out alive.

7. Flight of the Hippogriff

Flight of the Hippogriff is often overlooked because it seems like it is a “kiddie ride.” While it might not be the fastest or longest ride in the park, it is surprisingly thrilling. If you want to add to the excitement, try to look inside the garden on the ground as much as possible, it’ll make you lose your stomach; in a good way. Another plus: it offers riders the best view of Hogwarts as the train climbs to the top of the hill. It is in Hogsmeade in the upper lot.

6. The Simpson’s Ride

The Simpson’s Ride is a motion simulator ride that not only excites but entertains. There are several jabs to other attractions, such as Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and SeaWorld’s Shamu shows. It replaced the Back to the Future attraction and can be found in the upper lot.

5. Transformers: The Ride 3D

This is arguably the best full-motion simulator ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. It is action-packed and impressive. An interesting feature is that the EVAC (the transformer that you ride) actually travels throughout the building, instead of staying in front of one screen. Riders might not even realize that they ride on two different elevators too. This ride is on the lower lot.

4. The Studio Tour

The Studio Tour is the main draw for guests to visit Universal Studios Hollywood. Guests get to drive through actual movie sets and the studio backlot. That is all brilliant of course, but there are several more little rides inside The Studio Tour as well. Throughout the tour, we survive an earthquake, the shark from JAWS, Norman Bates from Psycho, and a Fast and Furious adventure. You get on the tram from the upper lot.

3. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

We love Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. The main reason it isn’t higher on this list of Universal Studios Hollywood Rides is because it can be nauseating. If you are a Harry Potter fan, this ride is a must-do. You will find it in the upper lot.

2. Revenge of the Mummy–The Ride

Revenge of the Mummy is such a fun roller coaster. It is based on the 1999 film, The Mummy. It replaced ET Adventure, which was the first official ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. Revenge of the Mummy is extra breathtaking because the ride takes place in the dark and it also goes backwards. It is on the lower lot.

1. Jurassic World–The Ride

Jurassic World–The Ride is still pretty new. It replaced Jurassic Park–The Ride, which was amazing in its own right. Riders encounter dinosaurs of all kinds when the planned tour of herbivores goes wrong. The boat ends up in the carnivore area, where we barely escape for our lives after encounters with the T-Rex and I-Rex! Thank heaven for waterfalls.

Universal Studios Hollywood may be small in comparison to other theme parks, but it still has exciting rides.