If the news of National Geographic’s “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom” series gets you excited, just wait till you hear what Chessington World of Adventures Resort has in store! Now, you can load up and into a Hyundai Kona Electric and hit the safari!

Research performed by Hyundai has discovered that almost half of all parents are wary of allowing their families to partake in activities due to the uncertainty around COVID-19. This should not come as a surprise to most of us. However, it does pose an interesting issue for businesses and organizations hoping to entice said families to leave their cave. As they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and where there is a will… there is a Hyundai finding a way. Now, families who have persevered through months of lockdown together can spend quality time together as they are driven around by a resort Park Ranger.

Zebra and Eland and Orstich, Oh My!

Throughout this guided safari, guests will get an up close and personal view of Grevy’s zebra, common eland, and even ostrich. Your park ranger will drive guests through the multiple enclosures, helping to safeguard a positive and informative experience. In addition, guests will explore the home of Chessington’s five Rothschild giraffes and make an exciting stop to climb up and hand-feed the giraffes.

Hyundai partnered with Chessington to provide families with a new way to shake things up and emerge from their dwelling!


The Kona Electric SUV’s motor is practically silent, allowing guests to get as close as possible without disturbing the animals.

Tom Brough, VIP manager at Chessington World of Adventures Resort:

“While we offer VIP Experiences at the Resort, we’ve never offered such a unique safari encounter, allowing guests to greet giraffe, zebra and ostrich from a vehicle that they could equally find themselves driving on the road. It’s also great that the Kona Electric emits no harmful emissions and is near silent, which is ideal as we slowly reopen and reacquaint the animals back to some semblance of normality.”


The Safari Adventure VIP Experience at Chessington World of Adventures Resort is available to book for free on a first-come, first-served basis over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Masks and Such

The park had closed for three months during lockdown but is now re-open with a reduced capacity of 60% of guests.

The theme park, zoo and resort have re-opened, and while the majority of rides and outdoor attractions are open, some indoor facilities are still closed at the time of writing.

Visitors will have their temperature checked when arriving and will need to bring face masks for public areas of the hotels, gift shops and arcades, as well as some of the rides themselves.

Throughout the tour, the resort park rangers and families will be required to wear masks, save for children under 11 years old.

Chessington is also providing some fun animal-printed and child-friendly masks for free as part of the experience.

Book Your Trip

Booking your time is easy! Simply email Chessington’s VIP team at VIPExperiences@chessington.co.uk.

For More Info

For more information about Chessington World of Adventures Resort, be sure to visit Chessington.com.