Everybody knows about the underground tunnels and hidden Mickeys. That’s child’s play. Here are some Disney World secret facts that you most likely do not know.

Magic Kingdom

1. Hack to Beat the Crowds

Most guests start their day in Tomorrowland or Fantasyland. To beat the crowds, start in Adventureland and make your way to Tomorrowland.

2. Hack to Get a Less-crowded Picture of the Castle

To get a less-crowded picture of the castle, take the photo from the backside in Fantasyland. It is a unique perspective and a beautiful picture.

3. Strategically Placed Restaurants and Shops.

Main Street restaurants and stores are strategically placed. People generally walk on the right side of the road. So, the restaurants are on the right side, while the shops are on the left. That way guests are more likely to stop and eat on their way in and shop on their way out.

4. Liberty Square Child's Doll

Look for a child’s doll in one of the windows in Liberty Square. In colonial times, this was a symbol to show that a child lived in that home.

5. The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse Tree

The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse is modelled after a banyan tree, a tall tropical tree that re-roots from its branches and can reach a width of over 100 feet.


6. Epcot is Large

When it was being built, Epcot was the largest privately owned construction project in history.

7. Phone Booths

There used to be working telephone booths with actual phone numbers at the United Kingdom and Canada Pavilions. Anybody could call those numbers and speak to whichever guest or cast member picked up. These have since been removed.

8. Hack for a Quieter View of the Shows

Since the Morocco Pavilion is generally less crowded, it offers an especially unique view of any nightly shows on the World Showcase Lagoon.

9. Chase Bank Lounge

Members of Chase Bank can hang out in the exclusive Chase Lounge in the American Adventure building.

10. Vomit Bags

Some believe Mission: SPACE to be the most controversial Disney Park attraction ever because it makes so many of its guests sick. It is even the only attraction with vomit bags available in the ride vehicle.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

11. Show and Movie

The Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage show debuted on November 22, 1991. The animated movie premiered the exact same day. This was the first time the opening of a stage show coincided with its respective film.

12. Secretive Event

Character Palooza is a secretive event that occurs around an hour or so before Fantasmic! Guests get to meet extremely rare characters like Meeko, Br’er Fox, and more. Its location is constantly changing and it is not published on any park maps. It is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

13. Magical Disney Editing

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction features a video clip of the late Rod Serling. But how was that possible, if he had already passed? Well, the clip of Rod Serling comes from an old episode of The Twilight Zone called “It’s a Good Life.” In the episode, Serling stands in front of a map. He says “This, as you may recognize, is a map of the United States.” After some Disney magic and clever video editing, Imagineers were able to use that clip to place Serling in front of an elevator instead. Rod Serling says, “This, as you may recognize, is a m-.” Then, they cut to other creepy visuals while a Serling impersonator does the rest of the narration.

14. Animatronic That Removes its Body Parts

Mr. Potato Head in the Toy Story Mania queue was the first audio-animatronic to be able to remove his own body part and replace it. He was also the first to move his lips to properly form the words he says.

15. Benny the Cab

Benny the cab from Who Framed Roger Rabbit can be found inside the Backlot Express Restaurant. Although, it looks nothing like him. It is the large chunk of metal that filmmakers animated on top of.

Animal Kingdom

16. Animal Welfare

The opening of Animal Kingdom sparked a paradigm shift in animal care for the entertainment industry. The park’s animal holding areas were prioritized over attractions. The buildings are climate-controlled, with huge skylights that provide sunshine, and fresh air that circulates through the enclosures, as well as animal caretakers and veterinarians who work seven days a week.

17. Pre-captive Animals

In addition, every animal purchased/rented by Disney to use in the park was only acquired from pre-captive populations. No animal would be a part of the Animal Kingdom if it contributed to the detriment of the wild population.

18. Escaped Animals

MYTH: Animal Kingdom is the only Disney World park with doors to the restrooms. Just in case the animals escape, guests will need a safe place to hide. FACT: Every bathroom at Disney World has a door. Also, with all the safety precautions and barriers in place, this situation is extremely unlikely anyway.

19. Dr Fitz on Facebook

When Pandora first opened, guests could log onto their Facebook Messenger App and type in #explorepandora. They would be connected to Dr. Fitz, who would teach them all about Pandora. Then she would offer to donate to an animal charity of the guest’s choice, on Disney’s dime. These included elephants, turtles, and more.

20. Changing Tracks

On Expedition Everest, the climax is when we reach the top of the mountain, only to find the tracks have been destroyed by the angry Yeti. Our only option now is to go backwards. The broken tracks are actually just a method of distracting rides, while the track behind the train changes to accommodate the next part of the ride. The entire process takes only a record-breaking six (6) seconds to complete.


21. Lots of Hotel Rooms

There are nearly 30,000 hotel rooms at Walt Disney World. It would take over 80 years to stay in each, one by one.

22. Disney Jail

“Disney Jail” really does exist. Shoplifters, trespassers, etc. are held there until the police arrive to handle them. They are sometimes even blacklisted from the resort for life.

23. Fountain Money

All of the “wishes” (money) thrown into Disney World fountains are donated to children’s charities.