Disneyland Paris is rapidly progressing with the construction of its highly anticipated Frozen Land. This exciting new addition is expected to further enhance the already vibrant Walt Disney Studios Park. This development coincides with the park's impressive financial recovery, having recently exceeded $2.5 billion in revenue, a testament to its resurgence post the COVID-19 pandemic.

The central attraction of Frozen Land will be Elsa’s Ice Palace, an awe-inspiring structure nestled on a snow-covered mountain. This feature is complemented by a village that mirrors the charming setting from the 2013 hit movie "Frozen." Visitors will be greeted by Norwegian-style architecture, offering unique shopping and dining experiences. The area promises to be a visual feast, complete with lush green walkways and beautifully themed gardens.

Apart from the stunning landscapes, the park will offer a special dining experience with picturesque views of a crystal-clear lake. Furthermore, fans of the Frozen saga will have the chance to meet their favorite characters, including potentially Anna and Elsa, in specially designated meet-and-greet areas.

A highlight of Frozen Land is the 7.5-acre lake, designed to emulate the iconic fjord from the Frozen films. This lake will serve as a stage for live performances and spectacular water-based shows. Additionally, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a replica of the popular Frozen Ever After boat ride, known from Epcot at Disney World, which takes visitors on an enchanting voyage through Arendelle.

Frozen Attraction In Orlando

Adding to the immersive experience, Disneyland Paris will introduce Frozen-themed rooms at the Disneyland Hotel. These special accommodations are designed to extend the magical atmosphere of the park to the guests' stay.

While the exact name for Frozen Land in Paris is still under wraps, the concept drawings released on February 12, 2020, reveal a significant restaurant and give a first glimpse into the area's design. The opening date for this captivating new addition is eagerly awaited, and more updates will be provided as they become available.

Disneyland Paris is set to offer a truly magical experience with its Frozen Land, promising a blend of fantasy, adventure, and unique experiences. Fans of the Frozen franchise and Disney enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly anticipating the opening of this enchanting land.