Nemesis Reborn isn't the only 1994 roller coaster to receive a revamp for 2024. In late 2023, Drayton Manor announced it was retiring the original stand-up trains used on Shockwave, and was bringing in a brand new sit-down train to allow for a lower height restriction. There's been a lot of speculation about what that means for the Intamin classic, but today, Drayton Manor announced The Wave.

The switch from stand-up trains to sit-down means that the height restriction changes from 1.4m to 1.2m. This will allow a younger generation of thrill seekers to get their first taste of a major looping coaster a whole 20cms earlier, and reflects the evolution to family thrill the park has been focusing on in recent years. Gone are the uncomfortable bike seats and over-the-shoulder restraints, which have been replaced by a lap bar and a more open train design.

Saying goodbye to a record holder

One downside to this change is that the coaster now loses its world record. As Shockwave, it held the record for being the world's only stand-up coaster with a zero-g roll - now it's just another coaster with a zero-g roll.

It might have lost what made Shockwave unique, but The Wave is another positive step forward for a park in the middle of what looks to be a well-executed transition to focus on the family market. Plus, The Wave isn't the only change coming to the park in 2024 - if you haven't heard, there's also a rather interesting-looking coaster currently under construction a few hundred feet away which we're keeping a close eye on.

As yet, there hasn't been an opening date for The Wave announced, but it's believed that the new train is on site. With the opening of Drayton Manor for the 2024 season just a few weeks away, we imagine it won't be long until there's footage of this newly revamped ride in action.

Are you going to brave The Wave in 2024?