Exciting news just in: The Wave will open this Friday at Drayton Manor. Although The Wave wasn’t quite ready in time for the theme park's season opening on April 12th, fans don’t have very long to wait.

Drayton Manor shared a rather last-minute announcement that the first rides on The Wave will begin at midday on 26th April 2024

News of The Wave first broke earlier this year, with Drayton Manor revealing that the much-loved Shockwave ride would be getting a family-friendly makeover. Manufacturers Intamin have replaced the stand-up trains used on Shockwave with sit-down trains, resulting in a lower height restriction (from 1.4m to 1.2m.)

Shockwave fans don’t need to worry as much of the actual ride remains the same – guests can look forward to top speeds of 53mph, four inversions, and a zero-gravity roll. Though new effects will feature on The Wave.

We're still keeping an eye on another new coaster coming soon to Drayton Manor, but details are yet to be revealed. Keep up to date with Themepark+ for the latest news and updates.