On May 23, 2020, the NBA announced that they had been discussing with the Walt Disney Company about the possibility of the single-site scenario resumption of play, the site being the ESPN Wide World of Sports. If it works out, games, practices, and housing would take place there. They have assured everyone that only the players who have tested negative for COVID-19 are cleared to play.

Just ten days earlier, on May 13, 2020, an anonymous source from Major League Soccer also revealed that they have been in talks with Disney about having all their games located in the Orlando sports complex. Although, this announcement wasn’t official.

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Even if both the NBA and MLS decide to head over to Orlando for all their games, practices, and housing, there will still be lots of space. The complex is massive; it is a 225-acre campus covering roughly 40 square miles. In addition, there are nearly 24,000 hotel rooms within the campus dedicated specifically to the complex itself. Even though the guest capacity will be limited, it might be difficult for guests to travel to Central Florida to see their favourite teams instead of just a few miles away from their homes.