Earlier today, January 1, 2021, Walt Disney World released a brand-new commercial for Disney Springs. There are several tributes to Disney’s Alice in Wonderland throughout the video. Here is what you might have missed in the Alice in Wonderland Disney Springs Ad. If you have not seen it yet, you can check it out here!

“Alice in Wonderland” Disney Springs Ad

First, let’s walk through what happened in the commercial itself. The video starts by showing a young woman with long, red hair walking into Amorette’s Patisserie. Amorette’s Patisserie is an “upscale, French-style bakery” in Disney Springs. The woman is wearing a blue and white dress–an obvious tribute to the main character of the 1951 animated Disney film, Alice in Wonderland. Before walking through the doors, she is greeted by a pair of twins. They have matching hair, outfits, and even matching face masks. Their suits have little white rabbits printed all over them. She walks up to a table in the bakery and browses their signature Disney-themed dome cakes.

The chef at Amortte’s is dressed in red, green, black, and beige colours. His face mask is checked red and black. He makes her a cake with “Ooh La La” written on top. Just as she is about to bite into the cake, she falls through the floor and into two bars–Paddlefish and The Edison. The twins from before are sitting on either side of her. The bartender pours her a drink while hanging upside-down. Next, she is seen with the twins and a woman in red at two tables–one at Morimoto’s and one at Maria & Enzo’s. The woman in red opens a menu that is shaped like a heart. As the party begins to enjoy their meal, a large clock is seen on the wall behind them.

The Easter Eggs Explained

The Dress: The woman’s blue and white dress is almost identical to the one worn by Alice in the animated Alice in Wonderland film.

The Twins: These twins represent a tribute to Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Their suits, which have rabbits printed on them, are for the White Rabbit.

Amorette’s Chef: It took us a while to figure this one out. The outfit worn by the chef in this scene seems deliberate. However, it is not an obvious representation of anything from the film. We decided that the red, green, black, and beige colours (as well as the checkered patterns) are nods to the floor patterns in the first couple of scenes after Alice falls down the rabbit hole.

The Cake: On top of the Amorette’s cake are the words, “Ooh La La” with small, yellow candies. In the movie, Alice eats a cake that says “Eat Me” written with small, yellow candies.

The Upside-Down Bartender: The bartender who serves the woman while hanging upside-down mimics the scene when Alice is actually falling down the rabbit hole.

The Woman in Red: This woman, who opens up a red menu shaped like a heart, represents the Queen of Hearts.

The Large Clock: In the movie, the White Rabbit carries around a large clock just like the one seen in the commercial.