If you hate the idea of traipsing around the most magical place on earth whilst donning a face mask, you are not alone, my friend. Despite the excitement that centred around the park reopening, many fans have opted to delay their return, refusing to re-enter the parks until the age of the mask is officially over. Now, word is that that age may be around a bit longer than we had all assumed. According to the Orlando Sentinel, face mask requirements could last through 2021.

As you may recall, face masks became a mandatory requirement for all guests at Walt Disney World when the resort reopened in June 2020. Since then, several (and we do mean several) updates to the policy have been tweaked and adjusted as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, leading to even stricter restrictions now set in place.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Orange County officials have suggested that the use of face coverings could be in effect until Spring 2021. Health Officer Dr. Raul Pino has stated that the need for masks could last “until maybe the spring, or until we have a vaccine.”

Now, I’m no mathematician, but that sounds like a long darn time. If guests have been waiting until the parks are free to visit Mickey and friends, they’re going to wait a bit longer. Naturally, this could severely hurt the tourism industry in Orlando. Thus, leading to job loss and hitting pause on some exciting new projects. So, should people just “get over it” for the sake of supporting their favourite park? Maybe, maybe not.

Ultimately, we must ask ourselves, is this a sign of what is to become the new normal? If you think about it, the more we are required to wear masks when headed to the grocery store, or post office, you name it… the more “normal” it is to sport them in a theme park. So, maybe it won’t be so bad after all.

On the other hand, one cannot ignore this small fact… Florida’s summer sun!

Orlando is home to some of the most outdoor-friendly weather in the world. However, despite its pleasing climate, it is best enjoyed in shorts, sandals, and a tee. Notice a trend here? We are talking less layers, not more! In an effort to combat this, several “Relaxation Stations” have been added throughout the parks to allow guests a moment of much-needed brevity.

Recently, guests were instructed to remain stationary while eating and/or drinking. In addition, their face masks must be worn at times while walking around the park.

Lastly, the ruling was made to prohibit neck gaiters, or masks with any valves or holes as suitable coverings.