Imagine the shock of EPCOT dwellers as they skipped through World Showcase, nary a Nighttime Fireworks Spectacular in site, when all of a sudden, a Harmonious barge begins to spew water like a Bellagio fountain found on the Las Vegas Strip!

Fortunately, last evening, guests were treated to a sneak peek of the new upcoming show, as Disney World Imagineers ran tests on the water effects. Particularly, a moving rotating arm!

Disney previously announced that this show will be the most ambitious nighttime spectacular ever produced and presented in a Disney park. Now, if you’ve seen Magic Kingdom’s Happily Ever After or Disneyland’s World of Color… you know that that is a super tall order!

Harmonious will be a tribute to the power of story and song that unite us, leveraging familiar music and visuals from across Disney and artists around the globe. This musical dreamscape of Dis-culture will showcase five moveable six-story floating platforms, intelligent lights, lasers, fountains, pyrotechnics, 25-foot LED walls, and a high-density water curtain. With the power and potential this new show has to tell a story of global connection and celebration; this innovative display promises to be a transformative experience. Based on everything we have seen and heard thus far, we have no doubt!

Throughout the day, the barge fountains will serve as a water curtain and pre-show display.

Just last week, Disney positioned the six-story iconic that will serve as the centrepiece of the show.

Disney claims Harmonious is still in its early stages of development and a debut has not been officially announced or decided.