Within the realms of Alton Towers, there is rumour that the are set to revive a cherished classic, Ripsaw - The HUSS Topspin, to the excitement of fans and theme park enthusiasts. This announcement, made during the Attraction Source event Scaremazing by division director Bianca Sammut, she remarked that all of the Retro Squad were leaving, with more permanent themed flat rides replacing them. This marks a strategic shift from temporary attractions, like the "Fun Fair" style Retro Squad, to more permanent installations.

The Retro Squad, including Twistatron, Spinjam, and Funk & Fly, served as a stopgap during COVID-19 but will now make way for enduring attractions. With only Funk & Fly having departed, The rumours about changes at Alton Towers partly stemmed from the 10K run event held at the park. Among the three Retro Squad rides - Twistatron, Spinjam, and Funk & Fly - currently at the park, only Funk & Fly has been removed. Observers noted markings on the ground where it used to be located, and there were sightings of Merlin Magic Making team members on-site, sparking discussions about the ongoing developments.

First introduced in 1997, Ripsaw quickly captivated visitors with its intense spins and water effects. Its absence left a nostalgic void, which the park now aims to fill with its comeback. Rumours, fuelled by the return of Nemesis Sub Terra, suggest the new Ripsaw might be a revamped version of the HUSS topspin, complete with a Phalanx retheme, blending the park's legacy with contemporary themes.

As Alton Towers continues its evolution, adding innovative rides while refreshing older ones, Ripsaw's return is seen as a testament to the park's commitment to maintaining a balance between innovation and nostalgia. With 2024 approaching, fans eagerly anticipate the reimagined Ripsaw, promising renewed thrills and memories for both long-time admirers and newcomers. This revival not only symbolizes the park's dedication to preserving cherished memories but also its drive towards a dynamic and innovative future.