The Xcelerator roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm has finally reopened, marking the end of a complex repair and testing phase that began with its closure in March 2022. The ride, known for its iconic hydraulic launch, underwent extensive repairs, particularly to its braking system. The journey to reopening included several phases:

  • Testing began in August 2023, indicating progress despite the unthemed appearance of the trains.
  • In September, a pause in operations occurred due to a brake unit issue.
  • October saw the repair efforts extend, with expectations of a three-month timeframe.
  • By late October, there was optimism for a Thanksgiving or early December reopening.

Finally, on November 7, Xcelerator resumed operations, a moment eagerly captured by fans and shared online. This reopening, potentially a soft launch with possible downtimes, is a significant moment for enthusiasts who have eagerly awaited the return of this thrilling ride.