Last week, we were given an exciting sneak peek walk-through of the upcoming Super Nintendo World section at Universal Studios Japan. Filled with fresh glimpses of the interactive pastimes guests can experience, as well as a new preview of the AR-powered Mario Kart game, this addition appears to be on a whole new level.

Due to Universal’s Epic Universe being on hold indefinitely, fans worldwide have been a bit sceptical over whether this land would truly make its way to Universal Orlando Resort. Even with construction underway at Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios, fans are not convinced that that is enough to guarantee completion.

Happy to say, that the recent video has confirmed that this new land will be coming to Orlando. There is still no official report as to when or even where construction will start, however, there have been some rumours stirring around the theme park blogosphere. One is that Super Nintendo World was originally intended for the KidsZone at Universal Studios Florida prior to being moved to Universal’s Epic Universe endeavour. That being said, due to the project being in flux, it may move once again.

On the other hand, this could also be an indication that Universal’s Epic Universe will be carried out as scheduled. This could be wonderful news as so many theme park projects have been delayed or cut in this dumpster fire of a year. Even Walt Disney World has reneged on some of the more robust nomenclature surrounding updates coming to the park, especially surrounding EPCOT.

As for the timing, our guess is that Universal Orlando will attempt to get the job done in time to rival Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary.

All we can say is that the more theme park projects that get the green light, the better! Super Nintendo World at Universal Orlando Resort is sure to be another surefire hit for the Florida park.