A new permit has been filled for Magic Kingdom’s Swiss Family Treehouse! But what does this mean for the Opening Day attraction?

Believe it or not, Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary of the Magic Kingdom is under a year away! Several original attractions have received recent refurbishments in preparation for the grand centennial, including Tomorrowland Transit Authority’s People Mover, Peter Pan’s Flight, Prince Charming Regal Carrousel, and “It’s a Small World.” Clearly, Walt Disney World is placing extra emphasis on the park’s 1971 flagship attractions. And next on the list…. Swiss Family Treehouse!

Before we jump into what is to come to Swiss Family Treehouse, let’s examine 3 Swiss Family Treehouse Fun Facts that make us obsessed with this classic attraction!

3 Swiss Family Treehouse Fun Facts!

1. When Is a Tree NOT a Tree?

When is a tree, not a tree? How about when it is technically a building?!?! In terms of construction permits and requirements, it required that the tree be documented and classified as an actual building. Why is that a big deal? Because that means the treehouse must follow all building rules, codes, and requirements as established by the state.

2. Fake Leaves!

There is a grand total of 330,000 leaves making up Swiss Family Treehouse and every single one of the leaves is fabricated. That’s right… there isn’t a real leaf among them! Why? Well, it is pretty simple when you think about it. The leaves have to be able to withstand the weather and stay on the tree throughout all seasons! What’s more, each of the leaves costs roughly $1 each to create… that is $330,000 in foliage!

3. Out of the Ordinary

Walt Disney Imagineering refers to the tree as “Disneyodendron eximus” which stands for “out of the ordinary Disney tree.” The tree stands at a massive 90 feet high and 60 feet wide. The total weight for the tree is roughly 200 tons and there are 1,400 total limbs that hold the leaves.

What We Know

Swiss Family Treehouse is one of Walt Disney World’s lowest maintenance attractions given that is a walkthrough attraction with no ride system, pyrotechnics, costumes, or additional mechanics. So, what in the world could this refurb entail?

The Permit

Based on the permit, it appears that the refurbishment may be rather lowkey and more maintenance-based. In other words, less new and flashy (cough, cough… Captain Jack Sparrow’s addition to Pirates of the Caribbean… cough, cough) and filled with more refreshing and minor tweaks.