If this isn’t an exciting time to be an EPCOT fan, then we don’t know what is! There is so much going on right now, from Space 2020 Restaurant to Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure to Moana's Journey of Water! And now, Walt Disney World has begun reinstalling and resurrecting sections of the Leave Legacy monuments right outside EPCOT’s main gate. The twenty-year-old attraction was once considered the park’s biggest eyesore. Now, it's back… with a new look!

The Original Leave a Legacy

EPCOT has always been a park that encourages people to come together and share their stories. This is precisely what the original Leave a Legacy attraction set out to do! From 1999 to June 2007, Leave a Legacy offered Guests the chance to have their pictures taken and imprinted onto steel tiles. The tiles were then attached to large panes to create a collage of the community. Guests who chose to partake in this attraction would often make locating their photo a family tradition with each visit to the park.

If you can recall, those photos were dark grey, rather small, and (much to some park purist’s chagrin) displayed on massive granite slabs that arched upward in an effort to frame the park’s flagship attraction, Spaceship Earth.

Despite sentimental attachment, the monoliths were removed for EPCOT’s epic makeover. However, Disney did assure the hopeless nostalgic among us that they would return… someday.

The New Leave A Legacy

Today, we received the first new look at the Leave Legacy titles… and they are bright! Cascading in the array of rainbow colours, the updated palate seems to be an indication of what is to come throughout EPCOT.

For anyone who wishes to search for a tile at the new location, guests can use their smart device to scan the QR code at the Leave a Legacy display. As with the virtual menus throughout the park, this opens up the tile finder search feature. Or, if technology isn’t your thing, you can also always visit the EPCOT Guest Relations team for a helping hand.

An Imagineers Take

Earlier today, Imagineer Zach Riddley shared on his Instagram the following sentiment:

“As our EPCOT main entrance project continues, our team is giving a new home to the Leave a Legacy panels. And we’ve used this opportunity to bring a little something new to these Guest-favorite elements. The first round of newly-designed panels were installed outside the EPCOT main entrance touch points today, featuring a vibrant color from the park’s new color palette.

The Leave a Legacy Program offered Guests the opportunity to have their pictures taken and etched onto tiles for the EPCOT Leave a Legacy sculpture. The result was a beautiful representation of EPCOT’s global community, and these new panels will continue to celebrate the spirit of optimism we all share. Visit @DisneyParksBlog for more information about this installation and how to search for a Leave a Legacy tile. I cannot wait to see the remaining panels be installed this week!”