Disneyland Paris has announced that two of their beloved show from last summer will now be returning to the park! “Lion King: Rhythm of the Pride Lands” is scheduled to return to the Frontierland Theater on August 15th. Seating will be altered throughout the theatre to ensure proper social distancing among guests. “Jungle Book Jive” will make its highly anticipated comeback on August 22nd. Last year, the show took place outdoors in a parade-like format. However, this year it will take place on the “Moteurs Action” stage at Walt Disney Studios. But, that’s not the only change on the horizon for this presentation. In addition to a new location, “Jungle Book Jive” will debut with a brand-new format and fun new storyline.

Both shows are typically part of Disneyland Paris's annual “Lion King and Jungle Festival” which takes place across the resort. While the festival has yet to officially be announced for this year, we can assume that its return is highly probable.

If you have yet to see either one of these lively performances, we strongly suggest that you consider making plans to hit the parks this fall.

Disneyland Paris officially reopened to the public on July 15th, 2020. Based on the addition of these live performances we can safely assume that things are going smoothly, as planned.