Pin trading at Walt Disney World has officially returned! After taking a COVID-related hiatus, the cult classic activity is back in parks and resorts as of 7th April, 2024.

Cast to guest pin trading returned in a limited capacity towards the end of 2023 at Disney Springs and select resorts. However, at this time, guests could only trade via pinboards rather than with Cast Members.

Pin Trading Has Returned

Disney surprised fans by sharing a video on social media last month, informing guests to dust off their lanyards.

@disneyparks Dust off your pin lanyard!📌 #Disney #DisneyParks #DisneyWorld #DisneyPins #DisneyPinTrading #PinTrading #MysteryPins ♬ original sound - Disney Parks

Disney pinboards will remain in the previous locations, but keep your eyes peeled when in the parks and resorts, as you’ll spot Cast Members donning lanyards or hip packs of pins to trade.

About Disney Pin Trading

walt disney world, pin trading with cast members

Pin trading is a popular hobby for many guests – there are thousands of exclusive and hidden Mickey pins to collect. 

To get involved, purchase a starter pack (or a singular pin) from multiple merchandise locations around the parks and resorts, or the online store. Then, all you need to do is approach a Cast Member wearing a pin lanyard or hip pack and they will be happy to chat about pins with you.