If you have paid a visit to Magic Kingdom recently, you might have noticed an unusual guest hiding near Storybook Circus: a popcorn-covered elephant.

Smellephants on Parade is a new installation by Scentsy that invites guests with sensitive noses to follow the Smellephant trail, featuring eight creatures. Over the last few days, Disney has teased the experience with a "Debuting Soon" sign and they have now released official images of the first elephant.

Search and Sniff

Disney has shared a look at the first Smellephant, a popcorn pachyderm. The other seven are teased to feature fragrances like churro and cotton candy.

Guests will notice a message board with a note from Timothy Q. Mouse as they arrive at Storybook Circus – he’s searching for a Whiff-sistant to join Dumbo’s latest act.

After visiting the ticket booth in front of Big Top Souvenirs, guests can use an illustrated map of the land and sticker sheet to undertake their first Whiff-sistant task: find eight Smellephants. Each of the elephants will have their own fragrance (which are yet to be activated) and guests can use the stickers to fill in their map. 

This experience will be available to all Magic Kingdom guests from next month. Disney hasn’t yet shared how long this experience will last, though we expect it to run throughout the summer months.