It was reported that on August 7, 2020, a Space Mountain guest hit their head while on board the attraction. So, here is what we know.

Space Mountain Guest Head Injury

Reports say that a female guest was hit on the head while riding Space Mountain earlier this evening. Apparently, an unknown object fell from above the vehicle and struck her in the head. We do not know for sure where the object came from or what it was. Some are theorizing that it came from another vehicle on the track above them that fell off–probably another guest’s personal bag or the like. Others are wondering if part of the ride itself fell on her, but we believe this to be less likely. However, we do not know for sure as of the time of writing.

The injured guest met with EMTs for a few minutes but did not require any further medical attention. This is why we believe the injury to be a minor one since she did not need to travel to the hospital or need more than EMT attention following the incident.

Space Mountain was shut down temporarily immediately. Cast members reportedly turned the lights on inside the attraction and walked through, likely to locate and identify the fallen object.