Universal Studios Hollywood is a super silly fun land in and of itself. Here are tips that you will need to know before you go!

  1. Souvenirs– Try to buy your souvenirs, especially movie souvenirs, ahead of time online. It’ll save you time, and money, and you get to show off your new movie merchandise around the park.
  2. Express Pass? The Express Passes (guests pay extra money to wait in a shorter line) can be expensive and may be a waste of money depending on the time of year. Guests will probably only need to worry about purchasing front-of-the-line passes during times like Spring Break, mid-to-late December, when a new land or attraction opens, and during the summer. Otherwise, the lines are generally not long enough to warrant the need for an Express Pass.
  3. Cheap Tickets: Buying tickets online on the Universal website ahead of time is the best option if you want to go through Universal.
  4. Beat the Crowds: Most guests visit the upper lot first and then venture to the lower lot later. To beat the crowds, mix it up and head to the lower lot first and the upper lot later. However, if the Studio Tour is important to you, ride that first and then go down to the lower lot.
  5. Easier Access to Hogwarts: Mid-day is the busiest time at Hogsmeade (Harry Potter World). Go later in the evening instead. There is also another pathway to Hogsmeade near the Studio Tour entrance. It is usually less crowded and closer to Hogwarts.