Universal Orlando recently sent out an extensive survey regarding potential reopening plans that could be carried out in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. This survey presents various hypothetical scenarios that future visitors may face, including limited capacity and the prospect of only one park being open at a time. We can only assume that it will not be Universal’s Volcano Bay Themed Water Park, due to the inability to sterilize the shared water and surroundings.

Universal Orlando’s queries were sent on the fins of SeaWorld’s latest survey. Potential safety measures suggested seating visitors on every other row on rides, leaving spacial gaps between seats for shows, suspending parades, as well as most, if not all, nighttime entertainment. In addition, virtual lines and touch-free payments for food, merchandise, and parking may be employed throughout the park. Other measures include requiring everyone to wear a face mask, sterilizing rides between each use, and temperature checks upon entry.

In addition, SeaWorld’s survey specifically asks guests how likely they would be to visit SeaWorld or Busch Gardens throughout Summer 2020 if they reopen with safety measures in place.

In the meantime, SeaWorld has gone above and beyond to keep fans happy by offering pass holders extra perks to take advantage of when the parks eventually reopen, including automatic membership tier upgrades, additional bring-a-friend days, and the ability to allow pass holders to defer payments.

Understandably, the entire theme park industry is looking to assess how comfortable fans will be returning to the parks, how soon they plan to return, and under what specific conditions.

Needless to say, avid theme park goers will need to buckle up, pull down on the lap bar, and brace themselves for what is likely to become, “the new normal.”

Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, and Busch Gardens have all been closed since mid-March. No reopening date has been confirmed.

Check back for more information as we post updates on further developments.