When most people think of Disneyland – or even The Walt Disney Company in general – they probably think of wholesome, family-friendly shows, movies, and attractions. However, if you visited Disneyland Park in the year 1955; its debut year, you might be a bit shocked to find a shop on Main Street U.S.A. selling intimate, adult apparel.

Today, you cannot enter the old shop as the is locked, but it is technically still there. We are not exactly sure if there are any elements of the old store still inside, but we do not think it is very likely. If you are looking for it, look for a blue building with white curtains, a white door, and rocking chairs sitting outside on Main Street U.S.A. You have likely walked right by it without noticing. This was the old Intimate Apparel Shop of Disneyland – often referred to as The Wizard of Bras.

Intimate Apparel Store, Disneyland.

In 1955, when guests walked inside the store, they saw signs and posters all around educating them on the history of brassieres, corsets, bloomers, and other underwear-type materials. Guests who were really curious could look inside 3D boxes that would allow them to see women dressed in dresses from the Victorian era. As they watched through the peepholes, the dresses would disappear off of the women to reveal only their…um…intimate apparel.

The Wizard of Bras wasn't the name of the store though, it was the name of the robot narrator and tour guide. He would rotate on a platform while giving a scripted, pre-recorded presentation all about women’s underwear through the decades.

The Intimate Apparel Shop on Main Street was open for less than a year, being replaced with a store that sold fine China.