Is it just us or is Universal Orlando’s current reopening causing Universal Studios Hollywood to feel like all steak and no sizzle? Florida already does a half-decent job of hogging the line with the theme park industry’s most pertinent news. Lest we forget, Universal Studios Hollywood is technically the very first Universal Studios theme park. That’s right! Back in 1915, they originated as a studio tour. So, as Arthur Miller so fervently reminds us in the third act of his epic masterwork, “attention must be paid.” But, with rumours of Universal Studios Hollywood reopening, my attention was more than peaked.

Today, Universal Studios Hollywood, with the help of Karen Irwin, President and Chief Operating Officer of Universal Studios Hollywood, pushed their way to center stage by asking local officials to allow them to reopen sometime between mid-June and July 1st, 2020.

Irwin requested that the L. A. County Board of Supervisors allow theme park workers to return to work immediately to begin preparations for a reopening, as they believe that they are able to open safely without continuing the spread of the coronavirus. She claims that theme parks can be a safer environment than some other public places where citizens have already been permitted to return, including beaches, gardens, and hiking trails. In fact, theme park employees can regulate the flow of guests and health measures in ways that the aforementioned cannot.

“We would like approval to begin the reopening process immediately in order to get our employees back to work. L.A. County parks will be ready to begin reopening between mid-June and July 1.”, stated Irwin.

With reports claiming that international travel will not return to 2019 levels until 2023, Universal Studios Hollywood will rely heavily, if not entirely, on locals.

Naturally, the same precautions and social distancing measures employed at Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Japan will be implemented at Universal Studios Hollywood when the park reopens.

A reopening date has not been confirmed for Universal Studios Hollywood, as it awaits government approval. Until then, check back with us for more updates!