Arnold Palmer once said, “I have a tip that can take five strokes off anyone’s game. It’s called an eraser.” Now, while we may not be able to erase COVID-19, we can certainly grow and learn from it. And that is exactly what Walt Disney World Golf has begun to do by implementing numerous alterations to help safeguard golfers as they play the greatest game ever played.

From Walt Disney World’s Sports Media Director, Darrell Fry on Disney Parks Blog:

If you’re looking to get outside and hit the links at Walt Disney World Resort, I’m excited to share with you that Walt Disney World Golf has come up with new ways to make your check-in process easier.

With health and safety top of mind, Disney Golf, which is operated by Arnold Palmer Golf Management,  recently launched its Park & Play Program, which responsibly speeds up the check-in process before you even start your round. Here’s how it works: Just book your tee time online and pay for it using a credit card. Then when you show up at any Disney golf course, in most cases, your pre-positioned sanitized golf cart will be waiting for you and you can take it straight to the first tee.

If you’re a golfer then you know that’s magic!

Due to the current COVID–19 situation, we have implemented the following protocols for the well-being of all of our guests and staff

  • You can pre-pay for your round of golf online by booking your tee time via this website. This will allow you to expedite the check-in process upon arrival at the golf pro shop
  • Please maintain a social distance of at least 6’ from others at all times, and not in groups of 10 or more persons
  • All purchases should be via a Credit/Debit card or Apple Pay, as Cash is not being accepted at this time
  • Bunker rakes and ball washers have been removed from the course, and we ask that you leave the flagsticks in the hole when putting as the cup bottom has been raised
  • Your golf car has been sanitized and is for your exclusive use
  • Golf Cart Coolers are sanitized and have been removed from the golf carts. They are available for use by request at our Food and beverage outlets adjacent to our golf clubhouses.
  • Sand bottles have been removed from our golf carts. Divots will be repaired by our maintenance team.
  • Golf tees, scorecards, and pencils have been removed from the golf carts, but are available by request when you check in with our course Starter.
  • On-course water fountains have been turned off at this time, and are not available for use.
  • While our facilities have been open and available for play throughout the last three months, those who haven’t visited us in quite some time will experience a variety of policies and procedures that have recently been updated and enhanced. Please click here for more detailed information on the changes that you will experience the next time you visit.

Even if you have to go inside the clubhouse to check in or pick up some cool Disney golf merch, all of the courses have gone to contactless payments (e.g. credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, etc.) as cash is no longer accepted.

It’s just the latest effort by Disney Golf to enhance the golfing experience while operating responsibly at Walt Disney World Resort. As a reminder, all of the other health and safety provisions at all of the Disney courses include:

  • Face coverings are required in the clubhouse, restrooms and food & beverage locations.
  • Bunker rakes, sand bottles and ball washers have been removed from the courses.
  • Flag sticks can be left in the hole during putting.
  • Single-cart riding is available upon request.
  • Social distancing guidelines for golfers and employees.
  • Enhanced sanitization throughout the golf course and clubhouse.

If you’re looking to learn more about the enhanced Disney Golf health and safety measures, and/or to book your tee time, including the Park & Play Program, be sure to visit