We have already discovered weird Disneyland facts, and we have also come across some strange former Disney World attractions. Well, as they say, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Now it is time to talk about weird Disney World facts!

10. The World’s Largest Wardrobe

The Walt Disney World Resort is the world’s largest single-site employer in the United States of America. And almost every cast member wears an official uniform. Well, technically Disney prefers to call them “costumes,” even if that cast member is not playing a Disney character. Yes, even the security guards’ uniforms are technically called “costumes!”

Anyway, cast members are not allowed to take their costumes home. Instead, they are to arrive early for their shift every day to pick up their costume from the Disney Wardrobe room. Each cast member has a key card which they scan and their costume is brought to them, freshly cleaned, by machine. Imagine the giant room of doors from Monsters Inc. but with Disney costumes. This is the largest wardrobe in the world.

9. One Perk of a WDW Hurricane

Central Florida is not immune to hurricanes. In fact, they are usually hit by a few smaller ones during the summer and autumn months.

In the year 2016, Hurricane Matthew hit the coast pretty hard. It was quite serious, with lots of damage and loss of life. Thankfully, everyone in Walt Disney World was safe after being put on lockdown at the hotels. Disney wanted to lift the spirits of their guests, especially since all the parks were closed and once the storm cleared, guests could visit the former Disney Quest at Disney Springs and play all of the video games for free.

8. Liberty Square is a weird place…

We could not figure out which of the many weird Disney World facts to include from Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom. So instead, we are including three facts in one!

First of all, there are no bathrooms in Liberty Square. Why? The land is set in colonial times, when, there were no bathrooms. Even weirder, though, have you ever noticed the brownish gravel trail in the middle of the roads here? That is supposed to represent human waste. Since there were no bathrooms, that stuff would usually just end up in the middle of the street, like a river. Yuck!

Second, there are only three official United States Presidential Seals in the world. The first sits inside the Oval Office of the White House. Next is in the same room as the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Finally, the third official seal sits on the floor of the lobby of the Hall of Presidents attraction.

Lastly, if you happen to be parking your stroller near the Haunted Mansion attraction, look above you at the horseshoe pegs. In traditional folklore, when horseshoes hang with the ends facing up, it is a sign of good luck. However, those in the carriage house of the Haunted Mansion (stroller parking) hang the opposite way–a bit of foreshadowing before you enter the attraction.

7. Tarzan, the Hero

According to the memoir of a former cast member, Chris Mitchell, titled Cast Member Confidential, this story happened one day while he was working. Years ago, while watching a parade, apparently a small boy fell into the waters of the Tom Sawyer Island Lagoon. Thankfully, he was rescued by a cast member and given back to his crying mother. Who was the hero cast member? The one dressed as Tarzan. He actually stayed in character too! When returning the boy to his mother, he said “Keep boy safe…Tarzan very brave. But everybody can be a hero.”

6. It’s a Scary World After All

In the Latin America section of It’s A Small World at Magic Kingdom, look to the right. As a kid, you may not know what any of it really means, but as an adult, you may get a chuckle from the view; one of the animatronics is choking a chicken.

5. Goodnight, George

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, is your own decision, but apparently, the cast members who work the night shift at Pirates of the Caribbean in Magic Kingdom believe. Every night before exiting the building, they say “Goodnight, George.” If they do not, the ghost of whoever “George” is makes the entire attraction malfunction the next day.

4. American Adventure

One of the American Flags at the American Adventure Pavillion at Epcot actually came from the rubble of the September 11, 2001 attack.

3. The Rocketeer and Roger Rabbit

Surrounding Echo Lake are a lot of references to both Who Framed Roger Rabbit and The Rocketeer. In fact, there are even real props from the movies hidden there! Rocketeer fans should head to the refreshment stand and look behind the counter. Roger Rabbit fans can look around at the upstairs windows.

2. Character Palooza

There is this odd, unpublished event that happens daily at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is called Character Palooza. The rarest Disney characters–such as Robin Hood and Stitch–randomly come out to meet with guests. There is no way to know where it will happen, but it usually happens about an hour or two before Fantasmic! begins. You just have to be in the right place at the right time!

1. Hit the Showers

If it is hot outside, you will probably want to find a way to cool down. Animal Kingdom may have a good amount of trees, but most everything is outdoors and can make for an uncomfortable day. Kali River Rapids may be your go-to cool-down option, but if there is a long line, what do you do? Instead, head over to the Dawa Bar to find some rusty old shower heads. These things actually work! You can stand right underneath them to be showered in cool water.

Did you enjoy these Weird Disney World facts? We sure hope you did!