Alton Towers sparked excitement among fans on November 2nd at 9 PM with a tantalizing social media post, teasing the transformation of their iconic B&M inverted roller coaster, Nemesis. The hints about the Phalanx storyline have been intriguing fans since the end of last year's fireworks event, and now it seems things are reaching a climax. We're invited to peer into Nemesis's abyss and uncover the secrets the new video teases about the Nemesis creature's lore.

The video opens with the well-known Phalanx emblem, with the footage flickering, indicating impending chaos. We're then introduced to the face of a man, a character central to Nemesis's captivity, and we're reminded of the ominous message from the close of the 2022 season: "Nemesis Is Closing." The narrative then intertwines with scenes from the reopening of Sub Terra, further linking to the intertwined tales of Nemesis and Phalanx.

Amidst a backdrop of darkness and flashing red lights, Phalanx soldiers guard while scientists sift through cases labeled 'hazardous waste.' Brief glimpses of the legendary nemesis egg are interspersed with shots of a tablet in the hands of the Phalanx leader, the man with the moustache, displaying the warning "Caution High Pressure." Suddenly, disorder erupts.

The sounds of crumbling debris and chaos dominate as scientists and Phalanx troops scramble to escape the horror they've unwisely unleashed. The screen plunges into darkness, pierced only by the glare of flashlights, as a Phalanx soldier steps into the void and is consumed by agony, presumably falling victim to the nemesis creature.

The narrative crescendos with the feared moustached figure himself being seized by the Nemesis creature, dragged into the abyss, with his fate left to our imagination. As the screen fades, the eye of Nemesis opens, its red glare reminiscent of a horror movie monster, followed by its terrifying roar.

Culminating with the suspenseful strains of the Nemesis theme song, the screen teases the coaster's return: "Back With A Vengeance 2024," playing out with the thrilling soundtrack. The anticipation for Nemesis's reimagined experience is palpable, as Alton Towers weaves this engaging narrative to build excitement for 2024, we will always remember the infamous Nemesis tagline: "Sit Back, It's Fright Time."