On Halloween 2023, subscribers of Efteling's email newsletter received a message titled "deze onderdelen uit het Spookslot vind je terug in Danse Macabre." When translated from Dutch, this reads, "These parts from the Ghostly Lock can be found in Danse Macabre" Delving into this email reveals insights about the latest adaptation of the classic experience, The Danse Macabre.

Those familiar with classical music might recognize the name, echoing the iconic composition by French maestro Camille Saint-Saëns. From its original design to its latest evolution, this musical masterpiece has been the heartbeat and motif of the attraction. Efteling, renowned for crafting rides filled with enchantment and a dash of intrigue, seems poised to sprinkle in some spine-tingling elements this time around. Let's dive deeper into the email to uncover what Efteling has prepared for its visitors in 2024?

What's in the email?

The email presents a vivid display of gothic elements, drawing attention to a prominent red button labelled "Ontdek Ze Hier." Translated from Dutch, this means "discover them here." Clicking on it directs visitors to a dedicated page on Efteling's website about the Danse Macabre. For those not fluent in Dutch, Google Translate becomes a handy tool.

On this page, a video provides an in-depth look into the creation of the Danse Macabre. This behind-the-scenes glimpse showcases the meticulous planning and construction of the new attraction. Information leaked on 12 June 2022 revealed that the ride would have a unique platform design with seats, capable of moving in multiple directions. The specifics of the ride system and its manufacturer were officially announced on 31 October 2022, highlighting a collaborative effort between Efteling and Intamin. The attraction was described as a fusion of a dynamic show and a thrill ride.

As the main segment of the video concludes, viewers are introduced to a captivating story, setting the stage for the Danse Macabre universe. Additionally, a diary is available for those seeking further context and depth to the ride's narrative.

October 31, 2023
Otto and Virginie Charlatan have moved into the old tavern. What kind of darkness is hiding in the stables?

Virginie: “This will be our second night here in the old tavern in the forest. The first night, Otto and I could hardly sleep. There were strange noises. I don't know how it happened, but at dawn we heard footsteps. Something or someone seemed to have entered our shelter. This tavern has a distant, but dark past. I feel it."

Otto: “What unknown force extinguishes our candles and makes the chandeliers tremble? What creates this ominous feeling in our bones? And where do those strange sounds come from? Although I was trembling with fear, I went exploring with Virginie.”

Virginie: “There seemed to be a sound coming from the stables. We held our breath. And only when the footsteps stopped sounding did we decide to look. Then we saw it. Behind a pile of stuff.”

Virginie: “Otto recognized it as that black kitten from the forest. He was relieved and reached out to stroke it. I warned him again. Suddenly we heard a hostile hiss and the kitten lashed out. Deep red scratches appeared on Otto's hand. The kitten disappeared, but we found something else in its place.”

Otto: “Hidden among other things in the stable we found a stack of papers! They are diary pages of none other than Joseph Charlatan, Virginie's ancestor. He describes music. A composition he had to play: the Danse Macabre.”

Otto: “Suddenly we heard a bang on the window. Virginie looked, but saw nothing. Only deep darkness. But I? I saw it. A life-size shadow with a monstrous shape. What does it want from us?”

The Danse Macabre will be opening up next year in 2024, and will be enchanting guests, will you be there to experience Danse Macabre?