Thorpe Park's iconic Angry Birds Land, influenced by the mobile game phenomenon, is slated for departure. Over the years, Thorpe Park has tapped into various popular IPs, including Love Island events and themes inspired by I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here, SAW the Ride, and HBO's The Walking Dead.

Positioned between Tidal Wave & Stealth, Angry Birds Land's placement within Amity Cove's 1950s New England aftermath seemed out of place. The Angry Birds narrative traditionally pits birds against Green Pigs, not into storm-torn coastal settings.

Video games, despite their rise in the 21st century, often don't achieve the same pull as movies and TV shows in constructing enthralling theme park realms. For instance, "Saw the Ride" has, despite some fluctuations since 2010, remained a cornerstone of theme park horror, contrasting the ephemerality of attractions like Angry Birds.

One challenge with Angry Birds was its brief peak of fame. While mobile game trends can be fleeting, enduring characters like Super Mario have paved the way for expansive themed areas, seen notably in Universal Parks.

Attractions in Universal's Super Mario World were meticulously designed. While Thorpe Park operates with different budgetary constraints than Universal, the park's attempt to capitalize on the Angry Birds trend sometimes appeared to compromise the depth of theming. Visually vibrant, the land's reliance on vinyl theming sometimes undermined immersion.

It's common for theme parks to re-evaluate IPs as contracts approach expiration. Thorpe Park's decision against renewing Angry Birds seems strategically sound.

Angry Birds Land's introduction in 2014 had clear benefits:

  • Merchandising: Enabled exclusive sales opportunities.
  • Revitalization: Offered a fresh thematic element.
  • Collaboration: Benefitted from joint promotions with Rovio Entertainment.
  • Broad Appeal: Drew diverse age groups due to its family-friendly theme.
  • Tech Integration: Merged digital gaming with physical attractions through the 4D cinema.

Yet, it lacked a profound narrative depth, especially when contrasted with Universal's Super Nintendo World, which embraced beloved game lore.

The departure of Angry Birds Land heralds potential for transformation. Thorpe Park signals a shift toward unique, internally-developed themes. Whether or not this aligns with their 2024 rollercoaster, Hyperia, remains to be seen.
A potential direction might be restoring Amity Cove's distinct theme. While understated, the charm of 1950s New England has resonated with many.
This trajectory indicates Merlin Entertainments' ambition for originality, suggesting Thorpe Park's continued evolution as a premier theme park destination..