After months of electrifying build-up, Hyperia has finally welcomed its first riders at Thorpe Park. The coaster opened on Friday 24th May 2024, replacing Stealth and The Big One as the UK’s fastest and tallest coaster, respectively.

The ride opened briefly on the evening of 23rd May for a media preview, where initial glowing reactions to the coaster were shared. Fans queued in their hundreds before the park opened on the 24th, with wait times quickly reaching more than 300 minutes.

The UK's Tallest and Fastest Coaster

We must admit, the coaster looks colossal up close. The tagline, “Find your Fearless,” is apt considering Hyperia boasts the tallest loop in Europe. The coaster also reaches heights of 236ft and exceeds speeds of 80mph, with lap bar restraints helping to achieve the weightlessness feeling.

Despite this, the Mack Rides coaster has a relatively short height requirement of 1.3 meters, meaning that it's an epic coaster for (almost) the entire family.

Can’t wait to ride Hyperia for yourself? Check out the front row POV released by Thorpe Park.