Thorpe Park has dropped another update regarding Hyperia’s closure… and it’s not good news.

Last week, following a successful opening day, Thorpe Park announced that Hyperia would be temporarily closed until Wednesday 29th May due to unforeseen circumstances. Today (May 28th) the park has posted a further update on social media to inform guests that Hyperia is unlikely to reopen before Saturday 8th June 2024.

You can read the full statement below…

Thorpe Park has yet to reveal the reason why Hyperia is closed, though as referenced in a previous tweet, it is likely to be due to a technical issue. In other social media posts, Thorpe Park has stated that guests can reschedule their park visit via the official website.

Following this announcement, Thorpe Park shared a video in which a few more answers (though no concrete reason for the ride closure) were given. You can watch the full video below.