Thorpe Park has announced that Hyperia will reopen on Wednesday 12th June, 2024.

Following a stellar debut on 24th May, Hyperia was unable to operate the day after and has since remained closed. It’s believed that a technical fault led to the closure of the UK’s fastest and tallest roller coaster.

Over the last two weeks, Mack engineers have been spotted working on the track and, in recent days, engineers and staff members have been filmed testing the attraction. Now it's time for the general public to find their fearless once more.

You can read Thorpe Park’s full statement below.

Thorpe Park also shared the below video detailing the safety measures in place for the grand (re)opening of Hyperia.

On Sunday 23rd June (which just so happens to match Hyperia's 236ft height) Thorpe Park will celebrate Golden Day. Guests are encouraged to dress head to toe in gold and will receive a special certificate after riding the coaster. A lucky few will also be selected to ride in the first train of the day.

Thorpe Park has shared that the Hyperia queue will shut earlier than the advertised park close time, so make sure you head over to the attraction with plenty of time to spare!