There are a million things to factor in while traveling to, from, and within the Walt Disney World parks; where to eat, what attraction is next, should I grab that Mickey plush now or on my way out of the Magic Kingdom? With all these decisions and more, it is natural to stumble into a few basic pitfalls. We’ve been there. And that is exactly why we are here to help you from making these 5 Simple Walt Disney World Mistakes You Won’t Want to Make!

Leave Winging It to the Tiki Birds

We get it, you work hard all year and this is your chance to kick back and enjoy! And you’re right! But believe it or not, taking the “stress-free” approach to your Walt Disney World trip can easily turn out to be the most stressful thing about your vacation! Just a spoonful of structure helps shape your day, allowing you to hit a few “must-see” experiences while providing ample time for you to impulsively fill in the blanks. So, before you start worrying about getting bogged down in the details or concerned that an agenda is going to kill your free-spirited inner child, just take a beat and do yourself a huge favour…  dream! Close your eyes and ask yourself what you’re looking to get out of this trip to the most magical place on earth. What are the non-negotiables? Chances are, Disney has a few ways to pre-book those not-so-spur-of-the-moment memories you were looking to make. And good thing they do! Otherwise, you’re likely to find yourself stuck in long lines, missing out on memories, and getting escorted out of the parks for bickering with your party over what to do next in the middle of Main Street, U.S.A. Okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic. But you get the point. Soon, you’ll find out that a little planning can go a long way with Mickey and the gang.

Pro Tip: Have a grasp on the parks before your arrival. Get to know the lay of the land, as it were. Download the My Disney Experience App on your cellphone and explore. You’ll find a plethora of useful information, as well as begin to understand wait times and which park hosts certain attractions.

Double Down on Water

Before you go ‘drinking around the world’ we suggest you do a few shots of H2O prior to your EPCOT World Showcase excursion. No matter how much of a weekend warrior you may have been back in the day, you can’t beat the heat. Stay hydrated, my friends!

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to stay a bit budget-conscious, bring a reusable water bottle with you. After all, fountain water with ice from Quick Service locations is FREE.

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

There is hot, and then there is running through Animal Kingdom in the middle of August hot. You super-fans know what we are talking about! However, regardless of what time of year you travel to Walt Disney World, there is a high likelihood that throughout a decent portion of the day, it’s going to be on the warmer side. Then again, there is a good chance at some point in the day it's going to rain. Not to mention that by evening, it can get a little chilly from time to time. Point is… Florida is fickle and the best way to combat the weather is to BE PREPAAAARED. Now, that doesn’t mean dragging along three suitcases filled to the brim with wardrobe options. Simply dress light, carry a throw-on option (such as a hoodie or lightweight jacket) in your backpack, keep a small poncho on you at all times, and an extra pair of socks. That may sound like a lot to lug around… until you’re caught in the rain in the middle of Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the midst of a torrential downpour!

Pro Tip: Download a reliable weather app on your phone. You’ll know what is to come before the skies ever have a chance to open up. You just may be lucky enough to duck inside a shop on Main Street, U. S. A. or EPCOT’s UK Pavilion’s phone booth to pull a Superman-style quick-change and pop on your poncho! Sure, they’re ugly… but only the cool kids will be wearing them. Remember juncos?

Who Doesn’t Love Dress Down Day?!?!

Speaking of high fashion, skip the formals and grab a pair of walking shoes. In short, dress for comfort.

Pro Tip: Okay, okay, okay… if you really have your heart set on dressing to the nines and capturing the frameable keepsake in front of the castle, here is our advice. Make a reservation at one of Walt Disney World Resort’s five-star restaurants, and duck into the park for a quick photo shoot pre-dining. You’ll look the part as you waltz into the restaurant and you’ll avoid having to spend all day in the park in your formal wear.

Double Pro Tip: If you’re a foodie and plan to indulge a bit, expandable waistlines are your best friend. Seriously, get into them! Literally.

Nothing, It’s What’s for Dinner!

If you’re mentally stuck in the theme park days of hot dogs and burgers, that is most unfortunate. You see, over the past decade or so, Walt Disney World has done a magical job of turning theme park fare into an elevated art form. There are dozens upon dozens of Table Service restaurants from which to choose; from Indian to Japanese, Italian to French… they’ve got it all. So, what’s the catch? Well, remember how earlier we discussed how a little planning can go a long way? Well, Walt Disney World Resort Advance Dining Reservations are the pinnacle of that example. The only thing is, you need to know what you’re going to want to eat 180 days in advance. Or else, NO FOOD FOR YOU! Just kidding, but… it may prove terribly difficult (and downright impossible) to get into your location of choice. Set a calendar reminder and at 180 days out, book ’em.

Pro Tip: Planning at Walt Disney World Resorts can be a bit of a moving target, especially during a global pandemic. Case and point, the current booking window through this reopening phase is 60 days. Keep an eye out for the details.

Double Pro Tip: Stop playing it safe when it comes to mealtime. Try someplace that sounds unique, feels exotic, and introduces your palate to something new. Walt Disney World Resort restaurants are the perfect place to explore the unknown. Think about it, with thousands upon thousands of visitors annually, they’re not going to stray that far from the path.