Disneyland Paris has shared a bumper load of plans for its second park – and we're very excited.

As part of DLPs 32nd anniversary, WDI Chief Storytelling Executive Tom Fitzgerald and Natacha Rafalski, President of Disneyland Paris, hosted a press event to discuss future developments for Disneyland Paris.

The first major piece of news was the renaming of Walt Disney Studios Park to Disney Adventure World. This name change will come into effect when the new Frozen expansion opens.

We also learned that more than 90% of the park would be given a revamp over the next few years. Reflecting on the upcoming changes, Tom Fitzgerald said:

“We are changing the story of Walt Disney Studios Park, evolving from “how it’s done” soundstages to celebratory theaters and adventures that come to life in immersive worlds. These fully realized adventure worlds will become the focus of the park’s new identity and appear as realms that guests discover as they navigate deeper within the park and are invited to participate in adventures inspired by our most beloved stories.”

In case you missed it, here's a recap on what to expect over the next couple of years at Walt Disney Studios Park – soon to be Disney Adventure World.

World Premiere

One of the most exciting announcements was further details about the revamped Studio 1 building, which will be called World Premiere.

Disney shared glamorous new concept art depicting a Hollywood movie theatre from the outside and revealed that the interior of this building would pay homage to the entertainment industry through an immersive “soundstage.” The new entrance building will reopen in spring 2025.

The World Premiere Plaza will be outside the building, acting as the transition space between the Hollywood theme and the different lands. The plaza will champion Broadway and West End theatres, with plenty of twinkling lights during the evening.

World of Frozen

world of frozen, disneyland paris
Concept art for World of Frozen shows the North Mountain overlooking Arendelle. Disney.

Disneyland Paris has confirmed that, like in Hong Kong Disneyland, the new Frozen expansion will be called World of Frozen. The area will sit next to Adventure Way and is slated to be one of the most immersive lands ever created by Disney.

Adventure Way

Disney plans to build a spacious new area between the World Premiere building and World of Frozen called Adventure Way. The lush, green space will feature a large promenade and a man-made lake area, which will eventually be home to shows and entertainment.

Adventure Way will also feature a new ride, Rapunzel Tangled Spin. This family-friendly ride will take guests on a journey through the iconic floating lanterns scene from the movie. Plus, The Regal View Restaurant and Lounge will be a table-service restaurant overlooking the bay. Guests will be able to dine with their favourite princesses here.

Disneyland Paris also shared a YouTube video featuring President Natacha Rafalski which shares more details about the new era. Watch the full video below.