Disneyland Paris has shared new details about its colourful new show, Alice & The Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland.

The show will debut on 25th May 2024 at Walt Disney Studios Park (soon to be Disney Adventure World.) It will replace the Moteurs…Action!: Stunt Show Spectacular which closed permanently in 2020 and features a whole host of recognisable characters.

Alice & The Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland

alice in wonderland show at disneyland paris

When Disneyland Paris first teased a BMX-filled Alice in Wonderland show, it’s safe to say fans were left confused. Now we finally have some more information (though to be honest, we’re not any less puzzled.)

Two teams of acrobats and BMX riders will go head to head in a battle between Alice and the Queen of Hearts. Disney has described it as an “ultra-colorful, pop-rock face-off,” where performers will defy the laws of gravity with their special tricks.

It has also been revealed that the show will have two endings and the audience will help the Mad Hatter decide on the winning team.

Disneyland Paris has been sharing plenty of teasers on Instagram in recent days for the new show, including a dance challenge where a pair of lucky fans can win tickets to see the show. Take a look at the latest Alice & The Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland video below.