Disney has finally revealed some early concept art for the Avatar experience coming to Disneyland.

During Disney’s 2024 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, CEO Bob Iger shared what he described as “creative inspiration.” The concept art shows a beautiful Pandora-style land with soaring cliffs and azure waters featuring a possible boat ride experience.

Take a look for yourself:

disneyland avatar experience concept art
The concept art shows a similar-style land to Animal Kingdom's Pandora.

What’s the Avatar Experience?

Exactly what this Avatar experience will be is yet to be revealed. In fact, it seems like Disney is still ironing things out internally.

During the 2023 Earnings Call, Disney CEO Iger stated that this Avatar experience would be a new version of Walt Disney World’s Pandora. He later labelled it a “land,” however, it seems like Iger misspoke, as Disney soon confirmed that it would be just an “experience.”

This concept art has only raised more questions, with social media users debating whether this experience will be VR-based or a Shanghai pirates-style boat ride through Pandora. The location of this new land is yet to be revealed, though Iger swiftly moved on to discussing DisneylandForward, which suggests that this experience could be part of this expansion.