It is officially Halloween time at the Disney Parks. Oogie Boogie has taken over Disney’s California Adventure Park. Main Street U.S.A. is decked out in festive pumpkins. Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion has been taken over by Jack Skellington and his Halloweentown friends. The firework show, Halloween Screams, lights the night sky above Sleeping Beauty Castle. Paradise Gardens has become Plaza De La Familia. Magic Kingdom’s after-hours event, Boo Bash, occurs on select nights after the park closes. Needless to say, the spooky season is here and Disney Parks love to celebrate. And who wouldn’t love to live forever among these festivities? According to legend, many souls get to do just that. That’s right! Let’s dive into some of the spookiest Disney Park ghost stories!

Disclaimer: The following ghost stories are not based upon any known tragic events or deaths. These are based solely on urban legends.

Disneyland Resort

The Disneyland Resort may be The Happiest Place on Earth, but even this dream vacation has a spooky side!

You may be surprised by how many ghosts have made the Disneyland Resort their eternal “retirement home.”

The Fireworks:

Once upon a time, somebody filming the fireworks show above Sleeping Beauty Castle captured something from the supernatural. At least that is what the internet came to believe in 2009 when this video went viral on YouTube. If you look closely, there seems to be a man standing on top of the castle and admiring the fireworks show from up close. It is no secret why this video went viral.

Many were speculating. Theories about this man ranged from “he’s just a maintenance worker” to “he’s obviously the ghost of a man who passed away long ago and now is watching fireworks for the first time.” Eventually, though, the reality of the situation came to light. Unfortunately for those hoping for proof of the paranormal, this video was fake. Disney Imagineers staged this, and a couple of other videos (that may or may not be discussed later here), as a publicity stunt.

Mr. One-Way:

“Mr. One-Way” is the name of the rumoured ghost who enjoys riding Space Mountain. Guests who claim to have seen them say that he is a big, tall man with red hair, facial hair, and a red face. They also claim that he looks like he is not feeling well. Some say that he is sweating and looks like he might be on the brink of a medical emergency.

“Mr. One-Way” has been seen boarding the rocket ship vehicle on Space Mountain with another single rider. However, once the rocket returns to the unloading dock, the man is gone. Hence, his nickname, “Mr. One-Way.” There is a video that circulated of him online, but it has been debunked.

New Orleans Square:

Just a few years ago, there was a video going viral. The video seemed to be taken from a phone camera–likely belonging to a cast member. The phone is recording television screens that seem to be displaying a real ghost in New Orleans Square.

It looked like the security cameras had captured a ghostly figure walking from the entrance to the Haunted Mansion and down the path of New Orleans Square in front of the Rivers of America. Like some of these other stories, this video has been debunked. Apparently, Disney put a cast member in a white outfit, filmed him walking at night by himself, and then used Disney magic to make him look like a ghost.

Snow White Fountain:

Another day, another viral video. This time, it’s that of a family taking pictures by the Snow White Wishing Well with Cruella De Vil. They are standing near the edge of the pond and fountain.

As the video camera pans over toward the nearby fountain, some viewers claim to have seen the ghost of a man sitting among the statues. Right in front of Grumpy the Dwarf, it looks like a man is sitting on the rockwork.

Fire Department:

Before the death of Walt Disney, he would occasionally stay in his private apartment on the second floor of the firehouse. There was a tradition among Walt and the cast members. Whenever the light of the firehouse apartment window was lit, that meant Walt Disney was there.

After Walt’s death, a cast member was cleaning the apartment. Before leaving the room, she turned the light off. Once she got down to Main Street, she saw that the light was on again. So she went upstairs to turn the light off and returned downstairs to see the light on once again. Finally, she went back up to turn it off, and then she physically saw the light turn itself back on. Immediately afterwards, she heard a voice say, “Remember, I’m always here.” Some versions of the story claim the voice said “I’m still here” or something similar. Regardless, the idea behind it is the same. Ever since then, the light above the fire station is always on, to honor Walt Disney.

Woman In White:

What list of ghost stories is complete without a “woman in white” (or black, red, or some other ominous colour)? Well, this list is no different.

Some guests have claimed to have seen a woman wearing a white dress throughout Disneyland Park. She is a very kind ghost though, as she usually helps lost children reunite with their parents at City Hall.

Haunted Mansion:

This ghost story was made popular by the viral video (surprise, surprise) of a Disney-themed wedding proposal gone wrong. Unlike the other viral videos on this list, though, this video was fictional. Viewers were supposed to recognize that the video was made for entertainment purposes only. However, young and impressionable audiences (and probably a couple of internet trolls) spread the story as if it were real.

“Missing in the Mansion” by DawsBrothers

In the video, three friends go missing inside Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion attraction after witnessing the ghost of a little boy inside the ride. The description of the YouTube video claims the footage came from a camera found by a Lost & Found cast member.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has been around for over 50 magical years. Yes, of course, there are a few scary ghost stories here!

If you think rides like the Tower of Terror and Haunted Mansion are creepy, wait until you learn more about these Walt Disney World ghost stories!

Tower of Terror:

“Hollywood, 1939: Amid the glitz and the glitter of a bustling young movie town at the height of its golden age, The Hollywood Tower Hotel was a star in its own right…now something is about to happen that will change all that…”

“One stormy night long ago, five people stepped through the door of an elevator and into a nightmare. That door is opening once again. But this time, it’s opening for you.” That is especially true for those who come in contact with the ghost of the bellhop. Yes, that bellhop, from the pre-show story. Some guests have claimed that their bellhop is the exact bellhop that disappeared in an elevator along with four others in 1939. We will admit that this is the least credible of all the stories, even with how unreliable ghost stories can be. But it is fun, nonetheless.

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Pirates of the Caribbean was not an opening day attraction at the Magic Kingdom because Imagineers thought that Floridians were too close to the Caribbean to be interested. However, they had to add Pirates of the Caribbean to the park after so much backlash.

According to legend, during the construction of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at the Magic Kingdom, a worker named George was killed in an accident on the job. Now his ghost haunts the ride. He can be very particular. If cast members don’t say “good morning George” and “goodnight George” to start and end the day, the attraction will suffer tons of malfunctions. It should be noted, though, that the story of the construction worker dying while working on the attraction is not true–let alone one named George.

It’s A Small World:

In 1999, a woman was on vacation with her family in Walt Disney World. At one point, the ride broke down for an extended amount of time. Eventually, they are evacuated from the attraction. On her way out, the woman decides to snap a couple of pictures and capture something terrifying.

Long after her vacation, she looks at her vacation photos that had just been developed. She sees what looks like a hanging child inside It’s A Small World. We think it looks like a standard animatronic from the ride. Here is the link to the photo online, if you want to decide for yourself.

Haunted Mansion:

Apparently, Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion isn’t the only version of this attraction rumoured to be actually haunted by real ghosts. Of course, there are the usual 999 “happy haunts” residing inside the ride. However, some claim there is also a ghost of a little boy, an old man, or both!

Some people claim to have seen the reflection of either an old man or a young child in the mirror just before unloading their doom buggies. It could be that people are confusing the Hitchhiking Ghosts’ reflections with that of a real ghost, but maybe not. *spooky ghost sounds*

Spaceship Earth:

Guests and cast members alike have reported seeing the ghosts of a little boy and a little blonde girl inside Epcot’s iconic Spaceship Earth.

These whimsical spirits have been seen playing together inside the attraction and occasionally outside the entrance as well. Their backstory is completely unknown though.