Every Disney employee is referred to as a “cast member,” because they help put on the show. Their job, among many other responsibilities, is to continue telling the story.  Here are 16 Disneyland Cast Member Facts, have you heard them before?

1. Uniforms: Even if they aren’t portraying a character or in the Entertainment department; every cast member’s uniform is formally called a “costume.” Yep, even the security guards are technically “in costume, ‘not’ in uniform.”

2. Speaking of Security: Disney employs over 300 security personnel. That is more than the Anaheim Police Department.

3. “Onstage” VS “Backstage”: Whenever guests can see cast members in costume, they are “on stage.” Areas behind the scenes and break rooms are referred to as “backstage.”

4. Entrance: To avoid ruining the magic, and increasing lines, cast members have a separate entrance to the park on workdays.

5. The In-Between: Cast members have their own cafeteria backstage. They sell the same food from the park at discounted prices. It is called “The In-Between,” or at least it used to be.

6. Languages: As a group, cast members speak 38 different languages.

7. Largest OC Employer: The Disneyland Resort employs approximately 28,000 cast members. This makes it the largest single-site employer in all of Orange County, California.

8. Smile! As Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth, cast members are encouraged to smile. The exceptions to this rule are villains, Haunted Mansion CMs, and First Order members.

9. No Pointing: Cast members must do a “two-finger point” or an “open palm” point when directing guests. It is done to respect other cultures who may find it otherwise offensive.


10. Requirements: All jobs in the Entertainment Department at Disneyland require an audition. This obviously applies to the characters and parade performers. However, it even applies to the character hosts who stand near each character to assist them in their interactions.

11. Wardrobe: Characters get their costumes from a huge wardrobe room. The cast member uses a keycard and their outfit is brought to them by a giant machine.

12. A Big No-No: Characters never take their costumes home.

13. Rules: “Fur Characters” can never remove their masks while on stage.

14. Clones: The same character can never be seen in two places in the same park at the same time.

15. Feeling sick? Characters who feel nauseous while on stage have a secret signal that notifies their character host, who then quickly brings them backstage without ruining the magic for guests nearby. Luckily, those with a mask can puke in it…ew.

16. Who? If you refer to other non-Disney properties in front of the Disney characters–like Bugs Bunny, for example–they will not know who you are talking about. Disney characters only know Disney.