Want to be a Galactic Hero on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin? We're sharing the tips and tricks to max out at 999,999 points and achieve the highest rank possible.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is a slow omnimover ride through the galaxy. Guests board the ride vehicles in twos and use their lazer guns to hit targets hidden throughout the ride. The vehicle also contains a lever that spins the ride as you travel through space.

The aim of the game? Score as many points as possible and defeat Emperor Zurg.

galactic hero buzz lightyear
Thanks to these tips, we score Galactic Hero status (nearly) every time we ride.

The score level ranks are as follows:

Star Cadet = 0 - 1000 points 

Space Ace = 1,001 -10,000 points

Planetary Pilot = 10,001 - 100,000 points

Space Scout = 100,001 - 300,000 points

Ranger 1st Class = 300,001 - 600,000 points

Cosmic Commando = 600,001 - 999,998 points

Galactic Hero = 999,999 points

Debates over shooting as much as possible or being more deliberate with your aim are ongoing. We think a combination of the two is ideal; shoot at everything but be as precise as possible when it comes to the following places...

Where to Score the Most Points on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

buzz lightyear space ranger spin

Boxobot’s Left Hand

As you enter the first room, you’ll spy an orange robot called Boxobot. Shoot the target on his left hand and you’ll snag 100,000 points. You can hit this as much as possible, so don’t be shy!

Giant Robot Claw Hand

Once you’ve hit Boxobot and bagged some points, quickly maneuver your cart to the right to shoot at the giant robot claw. It’s on the ceiling and can be tricky to aim at, but this is another 100,000 points so it’s worth the effort.


Next up, room two is filled with so many big-point targets. The first of which is the volcano on the right-hand side. The volcano has two targets – aim for the top one and, if you’re successful, the volcano will erupt.

Again, you can hit this as many times as possible as you pass through the room, so keep racking up your points.

Zurg’s Spaceship

The final major point scorer is Zurg’s Spaceship towards the end of the ride. Hit the target at the bottom of the spaceship to get 100,000 points.

This one is particularly tricky as you need to make sure you’re lined up perfectly, but it’s possible to hit this one multiple times if you’re quick. Remember to keep spinning your vehicle so you’re hitting the target straight on.

A Galactic Prize

If you follow our advice and earn the highly-coveted Galactic Hero title, take a photo of your score as you exit the ride and show it to a Cast Member in the gift shop. In return, you’ll be given an exclusive Galactic Hero sticker to wear to show off your epic Space Ranger skills.