The Tokyo Disneyland Resort has announced a brand-new overlay is coming to one of its most popular attractions this winter. 

It’s a Small World with Groot will debut at Tokyo Disneyland in winter 2025 (the fourth quarter of 2024) and will feature a collection of Marvel Cinematic Universe characters in the adorable It’s a Small World style. 

It’s a Small World With Groot

it's a small world with groot
A sneak peek of some of the Marvel characters coming to It's a Small World. Disney.

This is the first time Marvel characters have been featured in a Tokyo Disneyland attraction. In the image above, you can spot the Guardians of the Galaxy gang, plus the likes of Dr Strange, the Hulk, and Black Panther. 

In It’s a Small World, guests board boats and embark on a worldwide cruise while being welcomed by Disney characters. In this new overlay, Groot and his Marvel friends are visiting Earth on vacation and will be interspersed with regular children from all over the world.

Due to licensing issues, the Tokyo Disneyland Resort has previously been unable to include Marvel characters in its attractions. However, some of the licensing has expired, so we’re likely to see an influx of Marvel at the Tokyo resort soon.

The exact dates for this overlay are yet to be announced, but Disney has stated that It’s a Small World will close temporarily in autumn 2024 to make way for Groot and the gang.