Knott’s Berry Farm is intense and thrilling but can be hard if you have disabilities and need assistance. Here is how to do Knott’s Berry Farm with a disability.

How Knott’s Berry Farm with Disabilities Works:

Any guest—or parent of a guest—with a medical condition that prohibits them from enjoying the park like the traditional “healthy” person. For example, some guests may have sensory issues, weather-related illnesses, or even just a broken leg. If you, or somebody in your party, fits these criteria then you may be eligible for a “blue sheet.” There may be a more official name for it, but that is what we heard it being referred to by the employees. So that’s what we will call it too.

”The Blue Sheet”

If you feel like you need assistance, head over to the guest relations area near the exit to Ghost Rider and tell them you would like a “blue sheet.” They may or may not ask you why you need it. You can simply explain your reasons, as much as you are comfortable. Then, you bring the blue sheet to the exit of the attraction you would like to ride. The employee will write some info on the paper and give you a time to return, and then you return with a short line through the exit after the allotted wait time, or if the line is short enough, you may just walk straight on the ride. You can only use this for one attraction at a time. However, while you wait you can rest, sit in the shade, shop, eat, or even visit another attraction with a shorter line. That way you can avoid any issues your condition may cause you by waiting too long in a queue.