SeaWorld Orlando is gearing up to introduce Penguin Trek, a new, exhilarating attraction set in the icy expanse of Antarctica, leading visitors on an adventurous quest to discover a secluded penguin colony.

Designed as a family-friendly coaster, Penguin Trek offers an immersive Antarctic expedition experience. The ride features snowmobile-styled vehicles navigating a 3,020-foot track, blending both open-air and indoor sections. The indoor part of the ride is looking to be particularly engaging, boasting multimedia and special effects that bring the Antarctic environment to life.

Jeff Hornick, SeaWorld’s Vice President of Attraction Design and Development, described the attraction: “Guests start their journey at an arctic research base, integral to the ride’s narrative, and then delve into the challenging terrain of Antarctica.”

This three-minute-plus adventure culminates in a unique way, guiding riders into SeaWorld’s penguin habitat, reminiscent of the space’s former attraction, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. Hornick teased that the penguin encounters extend throughout the ride, offering various sightings of the birds.

True to SeaWorld's commitment to education and conservation, Penguin Trek is not just a thrill ride but also a platform for raising awareness about penguin conservation. “This attraction offers a new angle on the significance of penguin conservation, weaving educational elements into the queue and the ride itself,” Hornick stated.

At the media event for Penguin Trek, SeaWorld showcased the coaster's track, crafted by Bolliger & Mabillard. This addition will position SeaWorld Orlando as the theme park with the most B&M coasters in a single location. Notably, this is the fifth B&M coaster at SeaWorld, also another B&M prototype following the innovative path set by the earlier Pipeline prototype.

A display featuring the roller coaster track crafted by Bolliger & Mabillard took center stage at the SeaWorld Penguin Trek media event. Upon completion of Penguin Trek, the park is poised to equal the record for the most B&M coasters situated at a single venue. Photo credit: Lynnette Cantos.

The ride, featuring two exhilarating launches and speeds up to 43 mph, weaves through both indoor and outdoor settings, promising a dynamic and exciting experience.

Aiming to cater to a wide audience, the SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment design team has focused on making Penguin Trek a family-friendly attraction, bridging the gap for more inclusive park experiences.

Slated to open in Spring 2024, Penguin Trek at SeaWorld Orlando is set to be a must-visit for both penguin aficionados and thrill-seekers alike, offering a chilling yet thrilling Antarctic adventure.