Lynn the Mime has allegedly been fired by SeaWorld Orlando after being involved in a (non-physical) altercation with a security guard. Lynn has worked at SeaWorld for 36 years and, along with the other SeaWorld mimes, has amassed a large following of fans in that time.

According to Lynn, who took to social media to share his side of the story, he was heading to work on his bicycle. He normally opts to ride his bike along the backstage path to his dressing room and has never been told this is not allowed. 

Lynn shared that a security guard began shouting at him, yelling that he was not permitted to cycle. What happened next was a controlled argument in which Lynn questioned the security guard as to why this was no longer acceptable. 

The security guard reported Lynn to management for using profanity and throwing his bike – claims that Lynn strongly denies. Lynn was hired by third-party management, who subsequently told him that he was no longer permitted on SeaWorld property. Lynn stresses that he was not invited to a meeting by SeaWorld Orlando or allowed to share his side of the story.

Watch the full video below, in which Lynn explains that he will no longer be performing at the park.

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SeaWorld Orlando has not yet made a public statement about this incident. Check back with Themepark+ for further updates.