Aquatica Orlando has announced that the brand-new waterslide, Tassie’s Underwater Twist, will open on 15th March, 2024

SeaWorld Orlando has dubbed this new attraction an “immersive waterslide experience like no other.” The ride will take guests on a journey to Australia’s Shark Bay seagrass meadow, speeding through an underwater paradise bursting with life.

WhiteWater West Industries manufactured the ride with a 129-foot-long slide and a super-bowl. Guests will board a two-person inner tube and whizz past schools of fish, lush seagrass meadows, and maybe even a shark or two as they circle the bowl.

Excitingly, Aquatica Orlando has also revealed that Tassie's Underwater Twist will feature a synchronised video display and a gentle orchestral score to enhance the experience further. It sounds like this thrilling water ride will soon become a family favourite.