Disneyland has shared four brand-new popcorn buckets coming to both parks during Pixar Fest. For many, popcorn is the most iconic Disney park snack… and fun popcorn buckets are the perfect park accessory.

Disney first announced that Pixar Fest would be returning earlier this year. Now the entire food menu has been released, and it includes an iconic Green Alien Macarooooon, a colourful Pixar Fest Cake, and Mixed Emotions Popcorn. 

Disney also shared the below TikTok video ahead of Pixar Fest, which features the limited-edition Slinky Dog Sipper...

@disneyparks Slinky Dog saves the day! 🐶🤩 #Disney #DisneyParks #DisneylandResort #Pixar #PixarFest #ToyStory #SlinkyDog #DisneyEats ♬ original sound - Disney Parks

Pixar Fest Popcorn Buckets

Tokyo’s Disney parks have long been known for boasting impressive popcorn buckets – from Chandu the tiger cub to glow-in-the-dark Beauty and the Beast boxes – and Disneyland seems to finally be getting involved in the fun.

The Pixar Fest Popcorn Bucket is the most simple of the four and is decorated with some of the characters you’ll spot in the Pixar Fest parade. A Pizza Planet Truck Bucket was announced last month – this one is unique as it acts as a box holder, rather than containing the popcorn.

A Coco Guitar Bucket will be available and, we don’t usually play favourites, but the top offering is the Up!-inspired Dug Bucket. However, it will only be available to Magic Key holders throughout the event.

pizza planet popcorn bucket disneyland
This Pizza Planet Truck Bucket has been announced alongside a whole host of exclusive merchandise. Disney.

These popcorn buckets will be available in multiple locations throughout the two parks. At Disneyland Park, this includes Alien Pizza Planet (except the Pixar Fest Popcorn Bucket) and the popcorn stands near Central Plaza, City Hall, Fantasyland Theatre, Haunted Mansion, Mark Twain Riverboat, Small World Promenade, and Star Trader. 

Over in Disney California Adventure, you’ll find these buckets near the Carthay Circle Restaurant, Grizzly Peak Airfield, and Pixar Pier.

Each of these popcorn buckets will be available throughout Disneyland’s Pixar Fest, starting 26th April 2024.