Disneyland is always amazing, but forgetting something important can put a damper on things. So here is the ultimate Disneyland packing list year-round!

For Your Park Bag

  • Full, Refillable Water Bottle: You get free, ice water at different locations throughout the park. So don’t pay for water. Just ask a cast member where the nearest refill station is. Also, if you are travelling from out of state, you may not like the California water. You definitely need to stay hydrated though, so maybe bring some powdered water flavouring to mask the unfamiliar taste.
  • Sun Protection: This means sunscreen, hats, glasses, and maybe even a long-sleeved rash guard if you have sensitive skin. Southern California is tricky. You don’t necessarily “feel” yourself burning…like you would in other, dryer locations.
  • Quick hair tools: Bobby pins, headbands, hair ties.
  • Light jacket: Southern California weather is weird. It’s hot, it’s cold. Daily.
  • Travel Deodorant: Humidity and heat. Enough said.
  • Gum/mints: Disney does not sell gum on the property, so you have to bring your own.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Lots of germs, everywhere!
  • Portable Phone Charger: If you don’t have a portable phone charger, consider purchasing a FuelRod at the parks so you never have to charge/buy another one again.
  • Quick Makeup Tools: Just in case your face gets a little messed up after Splash Mountain, bring some quick concealer/mascara/lipstick.
  • Chapstick: Chapped lips are a nightmare.
  • Any medications or medical equipment: If you need anything like this, you won’t regret packing it.
  • Snacks: You can save tons of money by bringing your own park snacks.
  • Cooling Towel: If it gets too hot, a cooling towel can be extremely helpful.
  • Mickey Ears: Duh!

On Your Person

  • Park Ticket/Annual Pass: Again, duh!
  • Payment Method: You’ll want to have this on hand so you can quickly pay for food/souvenirs/etc. and jump right back into the action!
  • Light phone case: Normally, I have a super bulky wallet phone case. However, I have a very light case for my park days. It makes things much easier.
  • Comfortable shoes: You really don’t want to make this mistake!

For Your Suitcase

  • Standard Phone Charger
  • Heating Pad and/or Ice: I usually need these for my chronic illness issues, but they can also be beneficial for sore feet/muscles after a long Park day!
  • Own pillows/blankets: To help you sleep better; if you are picky.
  • Hair products: This means: brush, spray conditioner, gel, curling iron, straightener, etc. whatever you use daily for your hair.
  • Feminine Products (if applicable)
  • Socks/Underwear/Bras
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  • Shaving Supplies
  • Lotion
  • Soap/Shower Gel: Sometimes hotels have these, but not all the time. You’d be surprised. Same with Shampoo/Conditioner.
  • Enough clothes for each day
  • An extra outfit just in case: My mom always taught us to do this. Several years ago though, we ended up needing an extra outfit and it was the one time (according to her) that she didn’t pack extra clothes. Don’t make that same mistake!
  • Pyjamas: For comfy sleep!