Universal Studios Japan is rewriting the rules by creating its own twist on Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights by transforming a guest room into a mysterious enigma. Now, you can get your thrills by jumping aboard their new haunted hotel room experience.

Since 2015, the “Horror Room” series has been causing shivers down the spines of fans far and wide. This year’s theme is aptly named “The Journalist – Photos Reveal Memories.” Guests will play the role of a journalist in search of clues behind a girl’s puzzling disappearance.

Freaky in itself, Hotel Universal Port has stated that the setting and plot of “The Journalist” are fictional.

The gist

The room is adorned with bloodstains, spiderwebs and a myriad of pictures hanging on the walls. Guests must complete a series of small but significant tasks to uncover clues that will help solve the central mystery, including dipping photographs in water to reveal hidden messages, finding a key to the safe, and having flashbacks via smartphone or tablet.

Bring your smarts

Guests are required to bring their smart devices in order to access the site to help solve the mystery.

When & where

The haunted guest room is located in the Hotel Universal Port. The experience will be available to book from Sept. 4th – Dec. 20th. The experience can be enjoyed by a maximum of four guests.


Booking prices start at $75.33 USD and fluctuate per date.


Reservations can be made on Hotel Universal Port’s website. Guests are limited to one booking of the haunted horror room.