It's time for something a bit different, something a bit weird. Did you know these 10 weird facts about Disneyland?

10. The Dead Body…

Inside the beloved, now-closed Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s California Adventure, a body was laid to rest. Well, sort of. In reality, it was just a hidden prop. While exiting the ride, guests could look underneath the stairwell to find what looks like a large storage box. Behind that box was a pair of what looked like male legs sticking out. The “man” seemed to be wearing a suit and dress shoes. One of the creepiest parts: the legs and shoes could be found in different positions depending on when guests visited the park. Was this body moving? Or did the killer come back to rearrange the body a few times without getting caught? Of course, it is all fake. Cast members moved him around sometimes to be funny.

9. The Ducks

There are a few cast members at Disneyland whose main job is to follow the ducks around–specifically the babies. Why? Unfortunately, without the help of these cast members, the smallest ducks are trampled and killed by guests. Even more unfortunate, sometimes despite the best efforts of cast members, accidents do still happen. Duck casualties are a sad reality, even at the Happiest Place on Earth.

8. The Split Light Bulb

As you walk down Main Street U.S.A., head over to Coke Corner. Lining the top of the doorway are alternating red and white lights. However, there is an odd number of these lights. There could not be a continuous circle with these lights unless they split one of the bulbs into two colours, an idea that was apparently Walt's. So, if you are visiting the park and itching for a touch of Walt Disney himself, check out this weird Disneyland light bulb at Coke Corner!

7. The Flag Pole

While driving home from work one day, Imagineer Emile Kuri noticed that one of the Wilshire Boulevard light poles had been knocked over in a car accident. He decided to buy the base of the pole as scrap metal. The Disney Imagineer only had to pay about five dollars. Today, that light pole stands as the base of the large flag pole in the middle of Town Square on Main Street. Every day around 5 p.m., a ceremony is held to raise the flag. One veteran is chosen to help the firefighters during the ceremony. If you are a veteran interested in participating, go to City Hall early in the day.

6. The Commercial Helicopter Flights

The Walt Disney Company once flew some guests into the park on a helicopter. They would land in the outdoor queuing area for Space Mountain! Unfortunately, these flights did not last long as an accident resulted in the closure of the flights. Today, you can still see the helicopter landing area while waiting in line for Space Mountain.

5. The Hearse

While waiting to ride Haunted Mansion, you have probably noticed the hearse in front of the mansion. It is being led by a “ghost” horse, but only the reigns around said horse can be seen by guests. Did you know there are some interesting rumours surrounding this hearse? Well, first of all, the hearse is real. It was used in the mid-1800s. The hearse was purchased for an Indiana Jones-themed stunt show that never happened. It was instead put in front of the Mansion.

The rumour is, though, that this was the same hearse that carried the body of Mormon Prophet Brigham Young to his funeral in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although, this has been denied by both Brigham Young University and The Walt Disney Company. So that part is probably not true, but since the hearse is real, who did it carry? It is just something to think about next time you casually pass by…

4. The Gun Stores…

Today, in the United States, it takes a lot to be able to buy a firearm. It depends on which state you live in, but most of the time you need multiple forms of identification, classes are required, there are background checks, a decent waiting period, and the high cost of equipment. Of course, this is probably for the best to help avoid any abuse of these weapons. However, the early years of Disneyland Park were a completely different time for this country. There were multiple gun shops around Disneyland which sold all kinds of firearms and equipment to anyone interested – even children! Once a gun was purchased, guests could continue to carry it around the park. No questions asked.

3. …and the Spider Webs

One guest–who may or may not have purchased a firearm in the park (the record is not clear)–accidentally fired their gun inside the ballroom scene of the Haunted Mansion. Luckily, the only damage came in the form of a bullet hole through the glass that separated guests from the scene itself.

While that may sound like an easy fix, it definitely should have been disastrous. Besides the obvious, that pane of glass was the largest ever created in the world at the time. Replacing it would mean taking the entire roof off the Mansion, as well as several million dollars. Thankfully, one of the Imagineers thought of the idea of covering the hole with a spider and a web. It was successfully done without much further cost.

2. The Ashes

There are several reports and incidents of guests trying to scatter the ashes of their deceased loved ones around the Disneyland Resort. This is against the rules. If you are caught, not only are you thrown out of the park but the ashes are immediately cleaned up with a powerful vacuum. In fact, the entire resort is cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom every night. So even if you don’t get caught, your loved one’s ashes will not be resting there for very long. Please do not do this.

1. The Real Bones

It may be against the rules to scatter the ashes of a loved one around the park, but this next weird Disneyland fact might make you feel like Disney is a bit hypocritical. When Pirates of the Caribbean was about to open, Walt and his Imagineers were dissatisfied with the look of their fake skeletons. They were too clean and pristine; they were apparently not convincing at all.

So, the company contacted UCLA Medical School, who gave some of their real skeletons to Disney to use on the ride. Each of these bodies was donated to the medical school for science research and education. Eventually, all of the skeletons were returned once Imagineers could build more believable fake versions. These bodies were then given a proper burial. However, rumour has it that one human skull remains. It is the skull on the headboard in the Captain’s Quarters.